• Toyota Hiace Campervan Review by Time to Roam

    We’ve been waiting a while, but the new HiAce camper from Frontline was worth it. Toyota knows how to keep a crowd waiting. When the latest HiLux was launched in 2015, it had been 11 years since the last new one. The LandCruiser 200 Series has been on sale since 2008. But the previous HiAce […]

  • Factory closed from Saturday 21st December to Monday 13th January 2020
  • Showroom closed from Saturday 21st December 2019 to Monday 6th January 2020
  • New Showroom New Factory

    New Frontline Factory 2016 was an extremely busy year for Frontline with the launch of a larger factory at Brookvale in July. This new area allows us to have a greater number of vans on the production floor at any one time. This investment has improved efficiency due to larger work space, more parts storage […]

  • Time to Roam Australia April-May 2015 Issue

    When Leonardo da Vinci penned, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ 500 years ago, could he have had the foresight to be referring to Frontline’s 2015 Toyota Hiace campervan? Probably not. But Frontline has well and truly weaved its customised magic to make the latest Hiace conversion shine. The Sydney company that has been specialising in […]

  • The Caravan and RV Magazine – June/July 2012 Issue

    THE VAN The Toyota HiAce in its current guise has been around since 2005, and there’s good reason it stands alongside the VW T5 Transporter as the most popular small van for camper conversions. The petrol version, a 2.7-litre four cylinder, produces 111kW, which quite surprised me on our short test drive. It feels typically […]

  • The Caravan and RV Magazine – Dec/Jan 2014 Issue

    The first resort In a blazing landscape of passenger van conversions, Frontline’s T5 camper is a climate-controlled oasis It’s flat on the Hay Plain and we’d be able to see for miles if it wasn’t for the heat blurring the distance into a watery haze, an ever-distant mirage that cloaks perspective and hides the horizon. […]

  • The Wanderer Magazine – Feb 2014 Frontline VW T5

    ON THE LINE Frontline’s VW T5 Adventurer camper is born of experience. When those humble visionaries, Don and Erica Whitworth, started the Campervan and Motorhome Club of Australia, the campervan component of the club’s membership was much Greater than it is today. Not coincidentally there were considerably more specialist manufacturers around. Since that time, the […]

  • Time to Roam Australia – Frontline Adventurer Review
    Time to Roam Australia - Issue 7 Cover

    The great escape vehicle Since the advent of the original VW Kombi, having a camper van as a second vehicle has been the dream of many Aussie families. And why not? You get the luxury of a reserve set of wheels in the garage and a great escape vehicle for holidays and weekends away.   […]

  • Caravan World’s Motorhome Guide – Frontline Hiace Pioneer Article

    Frontline’s conversion of the revamped HiAce is an attractive, entry-level motorhome.