Toyota Hiace

The Toyota Hiace has been a remarkably sound, reliable and inexpensive vehicle to transform into a multipurpose Campervan. At Frontline we believe that Hiace stands for Value and reliability.

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The all new improved Hiace is finally here!

The first Hiace Frontline built was in 1987 and we have once again transformed this long awaited popular model into a functional 2 and 4 seater campervan. The drivability and good old Toyota reliability will make this campervan a popular choice for years to come.

The new model arrived in the Frontline Factory mid last year and the team went to work on a new campervan design concept.

We have completed designs and rigorous testing so we can supply fully approved campervans for you safe enjoyment.

With key features like engine up front, easier access , dramatically improved  5 star ANCAP safety, 7 air bags, swivel seat for expansion of useable cabin area while stopped, walk through cabin, wider body, this van has it all.

The handling and smoothness of the ride are massive improvements offering an effortless and more carlike driving experience.

Engine sizes are 2.8-litre turbo Diesel, with  30% more power than the previous model. The Automatic in the diesel has increased from 4 to 6 speed. There is also a 3.5-litre V6 petrol available. Both send the power to rear wheel drive.

This model has been a long time coming so if its comfort and safety you want and you’re in the market for a campervan then the Frontline Hiace could be the one for you.

Built for the wild

With your choice of layouts and customisation.

* All seating areas easily convert to double beds