About Us

Over three decades we've learned a few things

We're here for the long run

Most of our customers keep their Frontline Campervans for a decade or more. Their vehicles become part of the family, the symbol of good times, any time.

Whenever Frontline owners hit the road, they do it in comfort and total confidence. Because Frontline Campervans have led the way in quality, safety and affordability since 1987.

We’ve become an Aussie outdoor tradition, highly regarded in the campervan community, ensuring strong demand if ever you choose to resell your vehicle.

Like you, we don't like to sit still

Over four thousand Frontline campervans have hit the road since Peter Farrugia and Jeffery Verhagen set up the business in the 1980's and a large majority of those vehicles are still touring Australia.

We know this because we still service and repair them – becoming friends with their owners along the way. It’s testimony to the care and craft we put into our work, but we never rest on our laurels – we’re always looking to improve. So take a look at our smart fresh campervan conversion based on the new wide body Toyota Hiace. Or check out innovative options like the All-wheel Drive VW T6.1 Transporter.

VW T6 Transporter Frontline Campervan drivng through flooded road
Focused Thinking. Factory Quality Finishes. Smarter Choices.

After three decades in the campervan conversion business we’ve learned what works best. Three new Frontline campers roll out of our factory each week but we only build new VW Transporter and Toyota Hiace van conversions because they’re proved to be the best choice for Australian conditions. This focused approach allows Frontline to invest in the training and tooling needed to create durable, innovative, factory quality campervans. Our expertise, knowledge and skill is second to none.

Why Frontline is the most trusted name in campervans

Ready to drive
All Frontline campervans have Australian Government Department of Infrastructure approved second stage national compliance. Ready for registration in any State or Territory.
All our campervans are fully tested for safety – all anchorage points have been strength tested to extreme conditions.
We are trusted experts – both VW and Toyota support our work and readily extend their new vehicle warranty to our converted vans.
Quality Conversions
We only focus on VW T6 Transporter and Toyota Hiace van conversions. So we know the smartest most durable ways to configure and option them inside and out.
Frontline Campervan resale values are testimony to the proven, trusted, lasting integrity of what we create.
Frontline's Toyota Hiace 6Gen Campervan
Our factory uses the highest quality machine tools on the market – the professional finish of our designs always lasts the distance and can be tailored to you style of camping.
After Sales Care
We’re here today and tomorrow. We will factory service and maintain and repair any Frontline Campervan whatever its age.

Visit our Showroom

Wander and investigate our latest vehicles at your leisure. We are skilled tradespeople first, motor vehicle dealers second.

Peace of mind wherever you go

Long lasting peace of mind is what Frontline Campervans are all about.

Frontline’s factory and proven van layouts are the foundation of something lasting, something valuable. An end product that is more than simply a vehicle. It’s a way of life. Where you and your loved ones can relax, have fun and make memories you’ll always treasure.
Quality time in the factory delivers quality times on the road

Frontline only works with the best in the business. Our focus is exclusively on either the VW T6.1 Transporter with its European styling and finish, galvanised body and All-wheel drive option. Or Toyota’s long lived Hiace with its new wider body and legendary reliability.

We are equally careful choosing and training our staff who often work their way up from apprentices to highly skilled crafts people. Our factory has a dedicated training room and our in house quality control and documentation ensures a first class product every time. We only use tools and machines from world leading manufacturers and use top quality components.

Safely the best quality campervan conversions in Australia. Our Australian Government Department of Infrastructure stamp of approval is your engineering safety guarantee.​

  • Second stage compliance plate approval
  • Physical pull testing on all seat belts, seats and child restraints.
  • Department of Infrastructure (DOI) Volume Manufacture Engineering Approval
  • Ready to register Australia wide

No nonsense sales and service across Australia

The company’s main Sydney showroom is just around the corner from the factory and here you will meet the helpful team. Neither are motor trade salesman. They talk honestly and enthusiastically about the vehicles. Their focus is on the design, comfort and practicality of Frontline’s Campervan conversions – you’ll see all the specs and the prices shown on the vehicles – everything is open and straight forward – they understand you’re making a long term life style commitment, not simply buying a car off the lot to drive to the beach.

Frontline also recently opened second showroom in Tullamarine not far from Melbourne airport for easier access for Victorian, South Australian and Tasmanian buyers. A third Frontline dealer is in Ballina Northern NSW. They have worked with the business for over 25 years, and offer Northern NSW and QLD customers the company’s trademark sales and service support. All the showrooms are all weather, indoor set ups. All fully licenced and insured motor traders offering you complete peace of mind when you purchase.

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