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Toyota Hiace H30 6 Gen Campervan - Frontline Campervan Conversion

KINGS OF THE ROAD: With the easing of Covid restrictions across NSW and broader Australia, there’s never been a better time to hit the road in a Frontline campervan.

AUSTRALIA is a fantastic place, and there’s no better way to explore it than touring in a campervan.

Frontline Campers have been manufacturing Volkswagen Transporter and Toyota HiAcc campervans since 1987. With over 30 years Of knowledge, testing, developing and using the product, Frontline is a name you can trust.

It’s all about getting you to where you want to go in reliable comfort, according to Frontline general manager Tim Heritage.

“When it comes to the vehicle, Frontline works with VW and Toyota HiAce for several practical reasons,” he said. “Both models are easy to drive, boast great safety features, are incredibly comfortable on the road, quickly serviced around Australia and offered excellent fuel consumption and versatility.

“They can be set up as two or four-seater, depending on your needs, and because of their size and specs (both the VW and Hi-Ace are approximately 5.25m long and under 2.1m high), they fit in everywhere around town and yet come the weekend, they’ll take you where you want to go with all the creature comforts. It’s that simplicity and versatility that our customers appreciate.”

Regarding lifestyle, Frontline offers five different layouts that can be customised for your needs.

“The first thing we do is chat about what it is you want to extract from the vehicle in terms of lifestyle,” Tim said. “AII, our vans offer great cooking options, storage and flexible bedding arrangements.

“0ur Volkswagen campervans can be specified as 4-motion all-wheel drive, which appeals to those who

want to explore remotely off-road. The HiAce is more popular with travellers who prefer more road-based familiar touring and getaways.

“A great feature of both is that you can move from front to back of the vehicle inside without having to get out of the car.”

Frontline’s vans appeal to a very broad demographic. “0ur customer base spans from 30-year-olds up to 90 plus – it’s amazing how many younger people are switching onto our campervans. Many of our customers are in that 50-plus bracket looking for a work-life balance.

“They might be stepping back from work with the idea of transitioning to retirement over the next ten years.”

All Frontline campervans come with a three-year warranty, while both vehicles boast five-year unlimited kilometre factory warranties.

Frontline’s headquarters is in Brook-vale, where all the campervans are manufactured, with sales locations in Melbourne servicing the southern section of Australia and Ballina, looking after Northern NSW and beyond.

Frontline Campers was founded by adventure-seeker Peter Farrugia over thirty years ago when he was 21.

“Peter developed campervans that satisfied his outdoors-oriented touring lifestyle based on his experience back then, and Frontline Campers has been sharing his secrets with Australia ever since,” Tim said.

“It’s a point of difference I can’t stress enough in terms of credibility – the level of testing, compliance and experience we offer is unparalleled in the industry.”

With the easing of Covid restrictions across NSW and broader Australia, there’s never been a better time to hit the road.

“It has opened up our options, and I know there are many people keen to get out and support those places that have been doing it tough through bushfires, floods and pandemics,” Tim said.

Credit: Newcastle Herald, Editorial.Challenge.2017

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Frontline have been serving customers throughout Australia since 1987